Marietta Gädeke

The woman keynote speaker for your event
Woman keynote speaker Marietta Gädeke

Are you looking for a woman keynote speaker? Lilit’s founder Marietta Gädeke offers keynote speeches for major events in Germany and all over Europe. The German Debate Champion knows how to fascinate your audience. Absorbing talent, intellectual engagement, and just the right amount of charm – her outstanding presentations capture even the most critical of audiences. Draw on her expertise in the fields of communication, culture, and female leadership and she will give you a fresh perspective on the world.

Keynotes on Communication & Female Leadership:

Keynote speeches on Intercultural Cooperation:

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Dazzle your audience with a captivating speech by our fascinating woman keynote speaker: Marietta Gädeke is passionate about communication, languages and different cultures. She speaks fluent German and English, learnt French and Italian at school and is an autodidact when it comes to Hebrew, Arabic and Turkish. The female keynote speaker is also a role model entrepreneur (a title awarded to her by the ministry of economics) who likes to support founders and future entrepreneurs on their way to success.

Photo: © WUDC Berlin 2013 // Henrik Maedler