In our Lilit training, you receive all the facts first hand. You get to know which obstacles to overcome and which strategies are most successful. And with Lilit, you get the chance put your knowledge to the test.

Our approach applies strategic empathy. This means: our clients engage actively with other perspectives & experience challenging situations. They analyse root causes in-depth and get all the tools they need to develop new and more successful approaches. Even in training, we offer answers to your individual questions and tips for your specific situations.

In a group setting, this means the main focus is to provide your group of employees with general abilities: In intercultural seminars, they learn key facts about the culture of their umbrella organisation – be it German, English, French, Israeli culture or other cultures of the world. In communication seminars, managers practise impromptu speeches and learn about their personal strengths & weaknesses through video & expert feedback. In seminars for politicians, part