You want a message so tempting that others cannot help but follow you? Focus on the rational goal but keep the emotional apple of wisdom in your hand and you’ll be true leader!

Modern cognitive science shows: Man is not a fully rational being. Our gut feeling, values and attitudes play an important role in decision-making. The Lilit method of strategic empathy builds on these findings. Our method uses emotional and cognitive elements of the change of perspectives as well as years of experience in training politicians and managers to offer the most effective training in communication.

Ein Apfel steht sinnbildlich für strategische Empathie.

Three arguments for strategic empathy:

1. Knowing your subconscious influences makes you immune to simple answers. We tend to fall back into old structures when it comes to stress in presentations, in business communication and in culturally demanding situations. In these situations, strategic empathy empowers you to rethink your own positions with a cool head and to develop them even further.

2. Strategic Empathy brings rational thinking and the analysis of emotions together in order to reach the goals you are aiming for. As a logical tool, it releases your inner Macchiavelli, who soberly shows you the right way. As an empathic approach, you listen to your inner Counselor Deanne Troi who shows you the world through the eyes of others. The connection between both schools of thought guides you to a decisive advantage over competitors as you learn to analyse others in a holistic way: Your employees, your colleagues, your voters, your customers – no matter if they come from your own or any other cultural background.

3. Strategic Empathy as a management tool offers the decisive advantage in tight situations – be it in negotiations or in political election. It shows you new ways to solve problems, which will earn you respect and help you to save face – especially in difficult situations like assignments abroad. Let strategic empathy be your good advisor during conflicts and it will earn you business customers or colleagues as close partners in the long run.