The Lilit Training "Leadership & Social Skills" lays the foundation for a successful social structure of your company.Acting socially competent means acting sustainably.

Nowadays, the training of social skill & leadership is an integral part of the education of students, trainees, managers & top executives. With strategic empathy, Lilit offers you a unique training of “Leadership & Social Skills”. The directed change of perspectives gives you an interplay of rational thinking and the analysis of emotions, which makes it possible to effectively train social competence & leadership skills. Our goal is to lay the foundation for a sustainable community within the social structure of a company. The connection between goal orientation and empathy leads current managers and executives of the future to their decisive advantage.

The Lilit Training “Leadership & Social Skills” covers:

  • Analysing values & motivation
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Communicating with care
  • Leadership & teamplay
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Performance reviews as management tool

Lilit offers you strategies to solve problems which gain respect and help to build long-term relationships, especially in difficult situations. Socially competent managers support teamwork and are able to solve conflicts in a sustainable way.
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