How to make a lasting impression

You want to make a strong impact? To convince others of your ideas? With self-marketing, you send the right signals from the very first moment. Yes, our first impression takes only seconds to manifest. The so-called Halo-effect influences our trustworthiness and social status in the eye of others. Our appearance, body language and the first sentences about our own career, our business or our projects will affect your relation for a long time.

Therefore, the analysis of your own strenghts is a key component in our Lilit training self-marketing. But we will also take a look at how you can form your image as an expert and give the perfect “elevator pitch”: a short, concise presentation of yourself, your projects or your business. With Lilit, you will compare your self-perception with how you are perceived by others. Together, we develop your potential, strengthen your personal growth and let your true skills shine.

Become your own brand

The goal is clear: With the Lilit self-marketing training, we will make sure you make a perfect and lasting impression. You will learn how to establish yourself and your personality as an authentic “brand.” One, which your business partners and your network will not forget. For your “personal branding”, we employ the latest insights from marketing and psychology. Become the center of attention! Work on your self-marketing and gain self-confidence, new customers and inspire your supporters in the process.

People as diverse as young business owners, seasoned executives, politicians and scientists all face the common challenge to improve their self-marketing. They are