The Lilit Media Training offers the means to influence the pulic opinion.Managers, executives and political players work in the media’s spotlight. Press events & interviews can be stressful: Journalists’ questions demand spontaneous reactions, the public eye is scrutinising the candidate’s confident appearance and key messages often get lost.
A confident interaction with journalists takes practice & insider knowledge.

Especially when it comes to crises, tough decisions and unpopular topics, there is a need for strategic empathy to influence public opinion & journalists in a positive way. Lilit enables you to counter these pitfalls and to place your own agenda in the center of attention. Tailored to your needs, our Media training can cover the following areas:

  • Acting confidently in front of the camera
  • Using videos in social media campaigns
  • Knowing the pitfalls of journalistic inquiry
  • Using strategic argumentation in interviews
  • Placing key-messages in the media
  • Setting the agenda & influencing pub