Seminar Structure and Training Methods

Strategy, to convince in difficult situations.
Empathy, because only true conviction lasts.

Active Exercises & Cooperative Learning

Our Lilit-Trainings use short content inputs, alternating with active exercises. The participants face small challenges which keep them involved and fit throughout a day of intense training.

Lilit’s work is based on three pillars: training, coaching and consulting. These three modi operandi interact with each other. Due to the effective methodological interplay of imparting knowledge, exercise, and practical advice, Lilit empowers you as a client to take as much insight as you need and to realize your outlined plans directly.

At the core of our work and our methods: strategic empathy. Let the targeted change of perspectives lead you to fresh insights and new solutions.

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aktivierende Übungen und Methoden motivieren die Teilnehmer und bereichern den Seminaraufbau

Mobilising exercises and methods motivate the participants

Individual and diversity-minded choice of methods

At Lilit, we build a structure for our trainings with an eye to overall HR strategy. Our team chooses the methods of training accordingly. In the process, we make sure that the chosen methods, interactive questions and shorts exercises are a perfect fit. We tailor them individually to the goal of the training, the groups’ size and the groups’ makeup. And yes, we do not believe there is a “one fits all”!

Examples of applied methods

  • Short inputs by the trainer
  • Interactive quizzes
  • One-on-one and group exercises
  • Plenary discussion
  • Case studies
  • Coactive feedback
  • Video-feedback
Wichtig im Seminaraufbau: Diversity in der Gestaltung der Gruppensituation

The individual choice of methods needs to reflect the diversity of the group and the participants’ needs

Our three pillars of knowledge transfer

Our work at Lilit and our cooperation with our trainer network is based on three pillars of knowledge transfer: Training, coaching and consulting. These three approaches interlock with each other.  Take, for instance, a group training for five participants. We coach and mentor our participants intensely: they get direct feedback and hands-on suggestions for improvement.

Always in the centre of attention in all our endeavours: strategic empathy. The targeted change of perspective is your way to new solutions and insights.

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