FührungsverhaltenLeadership in focus

Communicational Leadership is essential for senior managers. When dealing with coworkers your Leadership behaviour needs to suit your actions. Therefore the Lilit-Training supports Leading by communication. Because director and senior managers need to choose the right words and the correct communication strategy. Only that way you can convey a motivationg vision to your team: clear and convincing.

The Lilit Leadershiptraining Leading by communication trains the communcational behaviour and conveys empathic leadership-strategies.

  1. The right communication motivates your team members
  2. Distinctly communicated priorities preserve productivity
  3. At last a healthy communications attitude in the team will help to master differences and dificult situations in a confident and proactive manner

A trained communication will help to foster the teamwork and will strenghten dedicated staff. Businesses need senior managers, that impact and earn the teams respect by their communicational Leadership. This will establish the necesary conditions for the long-term sucess of your team and your business.

Leading by communication – Substance and goals:

  • Purposeful communcation
  • Techniques for chairmanship
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Motivation of staff
  • Critique-, Conflict- and staff talks
  • Feedback-culture
  • Efficient meetings

Activationg Methods are a relevant part of our training. Because the theoretic inout is complemented by practical exercises, case examples and simulations. The participants directly implement the new skills and foster their expertise.

The training combines cientific foundation and the newest insights with learnable behaviour. To attain this goal we use the Lilit-Method of strategic empathy: it combines calculating analysis with the pychological and human dimensions of Leaderhip. Strategic Empathy combines rational thinking with emotions and will bring you the necessary advantage as a leadership-method.

Learn with Lilit how the right communication and effective Leadership leads Managers and Entrepreneurs to therir success. Contact us today for your individual offer.

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