Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. (John Cotton Dana)
If everybody only listens, of course there will never be any interplanetary communication. (Harald Lesch)
Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem. (Woody Allen)
People are either charming or tedious. I take the side of the charming. (Oscar Wilde)

Communication is a limited resource. A lack of support for female executive candidates, wrongly distributed resources for PR and failed political campaigns – all this costs a lot of money. At the same time, optimising your strategies offers many opportunities: It enables entrepreneurs to approach far-reaching changes, makes leaders more successful, and helps female executives to exploit their potential to the fullest. Lilit coaches you during your big and small steps which guide your career, your organisations and your executives to greater success.
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Career-Coaching for Female Executives

How can women assert themselves in business life? What to do to break the infamous glass ceilings?

Lilit’s founder Marietta Gädeke knows the answers from her first-hand experience. The 1.58m tall role-model entrepreneur shares with other women the necessary tools for success. She coaches to understand the dynamics of power and to use the strategies at play. Step-by-step, Lilit’s coachees develop from passive players into proactive leaders. They develop their skills in self-marketing, status-conscious communication, effective networking, strategic thinking and skillful negotiating by using strategic empathy.

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PR-Coaching for Start-ups & Entrepreneurs 

Lilit puts her years of experience in the fields of public relations & social media to your service. We design new PR-strategies for start-ups, implement storytelling suitable for your target group, and integrate social media usefully to the existing media-mix of your company, organisation or event. Count on Lilit and we’ll give you the right mixture of scientific findings, experience in classic public relations & media consulting, practical know-how & hard work. We’ve proven ourselves by implementing successful PR and social media campaigns for major events with up to 1,400 participants, local businesses and big organisations. A fact which is going to pay off for your company: Use our consulting to make focus your company’s energy and budget purposefully to get the most out of your communication. Contact us today & your success begins tomorrow!

Communication & Strategy Coaching for Executives & Politicians

Lilit is going to show you the way to truly convincing communication with strategic empathy: Confident, authentic and effective. Work on your strategic goals, make your speeches more convincing and get your political campaign on the right course. Lilit offers you an active counterpart. We’ll make sure you set sail to success – be it in your job, in stunning presentations or in truly convincing political communication.

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