Coaching for Female Managers and Entrepreneurs

Lilit’s Female Leadership Coaching trains female executives and entrepreneurs in confident self-presentation and in empathetic leadership strategies. Companies need executives who move people, get respect, and who improve the success of their enterprise.

Especially for women, this means: How can you play at eye level with the alphas of a business world dominated by men? How can you remain true to yourself while doing so? The answer: Women have to gain respect with the help of building their own leadership personalities. This includes individual presence and confidence, but also the handling of employees and making use of networks. In our Female Leadership Coaching, executives learn about their strengths, weaknesses and about how to build respect & power through behavioural change to succeed in the future.

Your Goal: 360° Respect

Our Lilit Coaching counts on a concept of 360° Respect: Only a leader who gets respect in the company and who is in a position to act effectively in all directions – towards colleagues, supervisors and subordinates – can be truly successful. The way to success depends on many variables: corporate culture, position, processes, work style and leadership personality. Lilit analyses all factors and trains concrete behaviour, which realises 360° of respect.

The Method: Strategic Empathy

We use strategic empathy to identify the relevant parameters: It combines strategic analysis, psychological and interpersonal dimensions and dynamics to provide female executives with an analysis of their standing and potential. No matter if confidence, group dynamics or role perception – a crucial aspect of our 360° strategy is to identify where leaders can increase success. Our coaching links analysis to learnable behaviour to turn committed women into real leaders.

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One-on-One: Individual Coaching for business women

In an one-on-one coaching, female leaders work on their situation intensively. Together, we analyse your personal effect and confidence, work on personal & organisational obstacles and do an in-depth analysis of interdependencies and action routes which you can use strategically for your success. With a one-on-one coaching, you are giving your career a push forward.

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Small Group: Networking

A coaching in a small group offers female executives and entrepreneurs the ideal platform for exchange. Fresh input on emphatic self-presentation, the strategic use of key messages, and theories like Granovetter’s “strength of weak ties” provide food for thought. Case studies, group simulations and peer feedback transform the newly learned knowledge into new behaviour. Additionally, the contacts you are going to gain during the coaching are already the next step towards leadership and help you to build your own network.

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Female Leadership in your company

Our Female Leadership Coaching gives support for long-term developments in your company: Building up leadership personalities takes time & effort. Lilit works on confidence, adapting leadership styles to structures & processes of your company and on the right strategy for success within hierarchies and networks. These are important steps towards 360° respect for your female executives who have to perform in key positions.

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