Persuade your audience

Your are going to deliver a speech soon? You want to work on your rhetoric skills and gain new impulses? The Lilit Executive Coaching Rhetoric and Speechwriting prepares senior managers for their big moment: The Winner of the German Debate Championship will teach you how to become a top speaker by persuading and captivating your audience!

Whether you want to deliver passionate campaign speeches as a politician, to present your research as a scientists or you need to deliver a speech as the CEO at your next shareholders’ meeting – a confident appearence and goal-oriented communication is essential for your success.

Your Goal: Belong to the best

The Lilit Executive Coaching will teach you how to persuade your audience and win people over with your presentation. Lilit prepares you individually for your next speech or accompanies you on your path to a top-speaker. Together, we will work on the development of your rhetoric skills until you belong to the best of the best.  Among other things you will learn:

  • Persuasive Communication of ideas and concepts in free speech
  • Confident appearance and “cool down”-Strategies
  • Decrease of fear of speaking
  • Stronger speech by avoiding expletives and filler words
  • Confident handling of critique and verbal attacks
  • A clear structur for your speeches
  • The deliberate use of rhetoric skills
Become a top speaker: We will work together on your rhetorical skills.

Design new strategies for your presentations in our executive coaching.

Your Way to become a top speaker

In our Executive Coaching Rhetoric & Speechwriting, Lilit-CEO Marietta Gädeke accompanies you on your path to become a top speaker. You take all the necessary steps for a top performance on stage thanks to professional feedback and individual consulting.

Our in-depth preparation includes an analysis of your USP as a speaker with an eye to self-marketing. This basis is essential for the following analysis of goals vis-a-vis your appearance and speechwriting. Rhetoric means, speech dynamics and structure will form your speech and give it a common thread. In the next step we will improve appearance, voice and body language via video-feedback and improv exercises. Debate training and the simulation of discussions will give you confidence and spontaneity for interviews and panel discussions. You will learn how to use interactive elements and the power of nonverbal communication for your goals.

All of our exercises combine practical approaches with the latest scientific research in psychology and persuasion studies. Use the latest insights in behavioural economics. We will show you how to apply the ideas of Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahnemanns’ book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” to your argumentation and concepts. That way, you will secure yourself a strategic advance on stage and in discussions.

Lilit tailors all methods to your individual needs. You will be able to put the strategies you’ll learn right into practice with activating exercises. Strengthen strategies and skill in our coaching and we’ll prepare you for the spotlight with professional feedback. Contact us for further information about how to become a top speaker with our Executive Coaching Rhetorics & Speechwriting. We will gladly make you an individual offer.


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  • Individual Executive Coaching for your success!
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