Productive Engagement with conflicts

Maybe you are ware of the problem. You give your best as managers, but your staff is working inefficiently: Instead of finding solutions, opinions clash. The tone is getting aggressive. Fronts establish themselves.

A lack of conflict management can severly harm your team and your Business. This will make it difficult to reach your goals.

Identifying conflicts

In the Lilit conflict management coaching you learn to detect conflicts at an early stage and to get active pre-emptavely with strategic empathy. Unexpressed conflicts in your business are emotionally wearing for everyone involved. The atmosphere is disturbed, the tone changes and a cooperative workspace morphs into a confrontation. A solution seems far away.

Wheter at work or at home – where people meet, conflicts establish themselves naturally. They are a natural part of group dynamics. But good conflict management helps to identify symptoms at an early stage. This way you can work out solutions before the mood turns irrevocably.

Effective Conflict Management will strengthen the teamwork in your business

Efective conflict management strenghtens teamwork.

Effective conflict management

Conflicts can touch us deeply and confront us with our own boundaries in the cooperation with others. The topic conflict management therefore needs communicational skills, emotional resilience and empathy. With the Lilit-Coaching you can master these difficult situations. Following topics are part of the coaching:

  • Confident handling of conflicts
  • Strengthening the emotional resilience in conflicts
  • Reasonably dealing with critique and verbal attacks
  • Mitigated conflict communication for successfull talks

Change of perspective and empathy

In the Conflict management coaching we work close to your individual cases and with simulations. You will detect emotional pitfalls and will apply time-tested solutions. With Lilit you will learn to act proactive as a Executive, to prevent conflicts. For example by emphasising similarities. We will provide strategies that will help you to better intervene in cases of conflict. This will ensure a good cooperation with difficult dialoge partners.

In the Lilit Coaching you will see the potential of resolved conflicts: They will give your team new perspectives and inovative solutions. Additionally, you strengthen the teamwork by productivley dealing with varying views in your groups. This way you are able to reach positive results in even the most difficult situations – all by effective conflict management.

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