What helps me to get forward? Which strategies can I use to be kept in mind by customers and voters and sell myself optimally? In your career, aswell as in politics, strong argumentations, goal-oriented networking and a thoughtful online-marketing are the key to your success. The Lilit-Trainings Self-marketing and Election Campaigns include, next to the development of a strong strategy, countless active and realistic exercises, that strengthen the learned skills and prepare you for their day-to-day-use by professional feedback.


How do I convince others authentically of myself and my projects? What makes me unique? And how do I present my business or my project optimally in a short time? The Lilit Seminar Self-Marketing combines the most important facts for an effective self-marketing with the aspects body language and appearence – for your success.

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Strategic Networking

How does goal-oriented networking work? By who do I advance professionally? In your career it is eminent to estalish the best connections. Which strategies will lead you to the greatest successs and by which tricks theses connections are held in a long time, you can learn in the Lilit Seminar Strategic Networking!

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Election Campaign Strategies

You want more votes and a higher impact of your political campaign? Do you ask yourself what is reasonable and will appear to all citizens? And are effort and achievement balanced in your campaign? The Lilit Seminar Election-Campaign-Strategies gives answers to the most important questions and support in planing and implementing the own campaign.

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Managers, Leaders and political actors perfom a great part of their work under the watchful eyes of the media. Meetings with the press and interviews need to be handled with extra care, because confident appearance and spontanous interaction with journalists need to be practised. Especially unpopular and critical topics need strategic empathy to influence the open public positively and place the own agenda. The Lilit Media-Training can help you with all of these problems.

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Success on social media

How do I use social media successfully? How do I write thrilling articles? Which legal aspects need to be kept in mind and how does advertising work on social media? And are there differences to these aspects when operating in Germany? Lilit knows the answers on these topics and offers your company or your party the right combination of Input and active exercises for your succes on social media!

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