There is no second first impression
– and no second chance with bad public relations.

Lilit offers decision makers in start-ups & organisations strategic PR planning and social media in Germany. We consult you in how to enter the German market via social media and in how to make a more effective use of social media in Germany by paying attention to cultural needs and differences. Avoid pitfalls like unintentionally triggering historic trauma, awkward wording or unattractive value propositions for German customers. We will help you understand your customers better and find the right wording for your PR and social media endeavors!

Our team supports you in your strategic media planning and we consult & execute your professional social media strategy. Whatever your needs – Lilit finds the suitable solution for you. We offer entrepreneurs & start-ups:

  • Strategic media planning for the German market
  • PR & management of contacts to journalists
  • Social media management
  • Key messages & stringent storytelling for German customers
  • Strategic argumentation in campaigns & crises
  • Avoidance & management of shitstorms in social networks

Our Lilit teams brings the right mix of communication expertise and intercultural competence to the table. We look forward to work with you, to find you the right strategy which will make your German clients get involved with your brand, engages them in meaningful conversations and turns them into loyal customers. Lilit brings positioning and strategy to your PR and social media approach with strategic empathy.

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