Lilit coachings are all about your individual needs. Be it for your group or for you individually: The goal of our coachings is to help you reach insight into your situation and to start an individual process of development. Lilit supports you in strategic reorientation, in finding answer to your questions and in improving your skills in a way that fits like a glove to your background, abilities and goals.

We understand the role of a coach in the sense of a “midwife”, someone who stays at your side with help and advice – in order to facilitate your own progress and development. Lilit coachings are as individual as our customers. The connecting element is strategic empathy: the political group benefits from taking a look through the eyes of a voter to plan their political campaign and the issue management of their election campaign, the CEO in England benefits from an expert look on the foreign culture before his assignment abroad, and the employee representative benefits from being able to anticipate his critics’ view on him and her arguments before giving a speech at the annual general meeting.

Whatever your needs, the Lilit coaching is the most specialised and handcrafted method for developing your skills in communication & leadership. Contact us today for an individual offer.

Our range of coachings:

Intercultural Coaching

  • Intercultural coaching for expats living in Germany
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